The Custom Design Specialists

90% of our builds are custom designs. This means that we have experience to be forward thinking, and plan for the ideal finish.

Bendella Groups' design process ensures a seamless transition from concept to build and a smooth, easy process for you from start to finish. 

Our process avoids the pitfalls of designing a home that you can't afford or is over budget.  We price the design as we go and help you keep things inline to reach your ultimate goal.

This integrated design/build process controls job costs and delivers quality construction, all while ensuring you get the dream home you’ve always wanted.

By investing in a custom home, you will create the dream home perfectly tailored to you and your family's lifestyle.  We allow you to get what you want and save on areas that are not important to you.

Contact us via email or message us on 0499 036 046 to make an appointment to start designing your dream home.