Our Design Philisophy

Our Design Philosophy

It's simple. Fresh and functional designs that embrace the tropical climate of the Top End.


The Bendella Story

The Bendella story began in 2010 with a very simple design philosophy: to not just build houses, but to design beautiful homes where you’d love to live, homes that enable you to take full advantage of the wet and dry season, so unique to our region.


Evolving Design

We understand that as you are planning your new home, you’re looking for an innovative yet practical home design. Whether you’re a first home owner or you’ve owned before and need more room for your family, we understand that these needs can be complex and evolving.

That’s why we design homes that grow and evolve with your needs as the years pass by.


Functional Living

Our design philosophy embraces a passion for aesthetics and practicality, creating a seamless living space between the indoors and outdoors.

That’s why each of our 40+ new home designs feature zoned living environments that allow for both privacy and interaction.

Close off areas for individual privacy or open everything up when it’s time to entertain family and friends. You can have it either way.


Innovation. Growth. Improvement.

In the long run, our design philosophy is all about innovation. We continually improve and grow our home designs through constant research and development. But it’s not just market research and keeping abreast of the latest trends; we listen to our clients and our designs constantly evolve from their feedback and customisation. That’s what truly sets us apart from our competitors: we seek inspiration not just from the marketplace but also you, the client!