Why high volume is not good value in the long term

You could be forgiven for thinking that a volume builder is the way to go. Everyone is choosing them, it will save you time and money on your new home.

They work from a variety of standard plans with standard inclusions, limited colours and selections.

So instead of your dream home - you are really getting their interpretation and everyone else’s.

Why is this less than ideal? When you come to the point of selling your home - you will have the same as everyone else.  Where’s your point of difference to achieve a premium selling price?

It's a bit like buying a unit; the only difference is that the houses are spread out over the city and surrounding suburbs.

It is common for unit owners to have trouble selling when their unit building has others selling also.  It takes longer and negotiation is harder as the layouts and fittings are all the same. There is no point of difference.

So before you think you are getting the best deal - are you really?

We offer complete customization. In fact, in 11 years we have not built two houses exactly the same. Every one of our clients have something truly unique.

We provide a point of difference, and our clients benefit from this in the long term.

Don’t follow the crowd, it will only be reducing the value of your biggest investment.

Now that you're getting closer to choosing your preferred builder, make sure you're aware of these shortcuts some builders take to win your business: