What Is The NBN and How Will It Affect My Build?

What Is The NBN and How Will It Affect My Build?

With the federal government’s NBN development currently underway there appears to be more and more confusion around what the NBN actually is and what type of installations will be offered in new estates.

Let us clarify what NBN is and what other fibre connections are out there.


First Off Why has the Government brought out NBN?

NBN’s goal is to provide faster broadband speeds throughout Australia. The Northern Territory has been rather behind in terms of fast internet connection so this will benefit the public and our economy by helping local businesses compete with other businesses around the world.


What is the NBN?

NBN is a wholesaler owned by the government, that doesn’t sell to the public. This is a stark contrast from Australia’s previous internet infrastructure, which was the property of private companies such as Telstra. So, with NBN the Australian government aims to create greater competition between internet retailers such as Telstra & Optus.


How does the NBN Affect My Build?

First of all, Bendella Group will organize a technician to connect the NBN to your home. This is achieved by bringing the fibre optic cable from a location in your street, directly to your premises.

Fibre to the premise (FTTP), is what NBN aims to supply to all households in the future. This gives you fibre optic cabling to your new home, giving you the ability to access the top speeds in the network. Standard Installation would involve a utility box that is set outside the home and a NBN connection box that is set inside. Typically we install this in your garage or for homes with a carport, we would discuss the best point of connection with you.

If NBN has brought optics to the street, the fibre optic cable will be connected to a distribution unit which is usually set underground. Then the traditional Cable internet infrastructure will bring the internet service from the distribution unit to the home. This means that you will only need to have a suitable fibre optic modem and in most cases your internet provider will inform you prior to NBN’s installation.

Currently, Zuccoli, Durack Heights, Muirhead and Northcrest have NBN capabilities but if you’d like to double check availability, speak to your ISP.