Pet Friendly Design Ideas

Pets are family

So when building your new home, it makes perfect sense to consider your furry friends during the design process.

Here are 5 interior design ideas that can assist you in making your home pet-friendly:

Choose durable flooring

In order to keep pet-occupied rooms in tip-top condition, you need hard surface flooring.Polished concrete and ceramic tiles are easier to keep clean and stain-free. In a hot climate hard floors also remain cooler, this is an important consideration for pets with long or thick fur!


Make use of nooks

Your canine or feline friend can snuggle inside a nook in your bedroom, living room or study. Typically these are used for decoration or to showcase a piece of art or furniture, nooks can also provide a cozy spot for your pets to curl up in. 


Put a latch on cabinets 

Cabinet doors can be easily opened with the nudge of a nose or paw. Prevent your pet from getting into your stash of cleaning supplies by putting a child-safe latch on your lower cabinet doors.


Opt for an Animal Entry

Dirty paws on clean floors are no fun for anyone so consider a mudroom for your new home. Our Banksia and Reuben designs feature mudrooms where you can clean the mud or dirt off your shoes prior to entering the living area. This same space can be used by your animals too! 


Customise Your Kitchen Design

You can customise your kitchen to accommodate your pets. Consider including a feeding area for your clawed pal or an integrated drawer with built-in bowls that can ensure easy access to bowls at dinner time. This way you can keep the bowls handy for the pets as well as protect the kitchen floor from tripping hazards.

Check out our Banksia and Reuben designs below for some pet friendly inspiration!