Top 3 Kitchen Features.

There are so many different design trends floating around these days, you just have to look to Pinterest to see a million different posts about kitchens.

We've picked out 3 trends that we believe will be sticking around for a long time.


Island Benches

Island benches are proving to be popular in most modern homes.

One of the best things about an island bench is the additional space and storage it provides.

An island bench also makes for a great central area for family and friends to gather around, as well as make for an informal dining space.

As with any Bendella Group design, we can modify the size of island benches to suit your lifestyle. Only recently we extended a client’s bench to accommodate a larger sink and additional storage. The client also wanted more room for bar stools which we incorporated into the design.


Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are an easy way to add some affordable on-trend pieces to your home.

A perfect addition to complete an island bench, not only do pendant lights provide a pleasing aesthetic look, they also create a pleasant ambience in the kitchen.

There are countless pendant design options at varying prices making it a great addition to your home without hurting the hip pocket.

We typically recommend a client sources a pendant light from an external party to really add their own individual flair to the kitchen.

Try Beacon Lighting for inspiration and we can fit the light for you.



The walk-in-pantry is a cooking enthusiasts best friend.

When it comes to storage they're big enough to store ingredients, cookbooks, pots, pans, and some are even big enough to store cooking appliances.

With the addition of extra storage space (who doesn't love extra storage?!) it allows you to be a little more creative with your organisation and quickly hide any mess should guests unexpectedly pop over!

The majority of our larger homes feature walk-in-pantries and with space allowing, we try to incorporate them in many of our more compact designs too.