How Long Will It Take To Build My House?

If you’re looking to build a new home, this is probably one of your first questions. How long will it take? I have to pay rent whilst I wait.  I can’t afford for it to take too long!  

It is important to remember - it takes time to build a new home properly!

The following can impact your timeline:

  1. Building code (rules on how to build correctly)
  2. Variations (changing things after plans have been finalised)
  3. Materials (availability can sometimes be limited)
  4. Complexity of your home (steel frames, decks, different finishes can take longer than basic homes).  

Some offer 12 weeks, this is only possible for very basic, small homes with no changes or contingency for delays (weather etc).  

More importantly, it also does not allow for sufficient drying times for concrete, block work, rendering or painting.  Sometimes, rushing a build can create maintenance issues in the long term.

We recommend you allow 20 weeks from your slab. This offers a stress free build for you.  You can enjoy the project coming to life.  We allow for scheduling contingencies, so you don’t worry when trades aren’t onsite.  

Most importantly it allows for important components to dry and strengthen. It also allows the banks to pay for your home so you can actually move in.

We thoroughly recommend not short changing your experience and allow for it to be done properly. Allow nothing less than 20 weeks.

Now that you know how long your home should take to build, make sure your builder offers plenty of flexibility!!